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February 28, 2019
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Medical Grade Figure-8 Laced Ankle Support

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✅Ankle Support used for minor ankle sprains, ankle stability, and to help prevent sprains from occurring.

✅Constructed with Medical Grade Ballistic Nylon for durability and lighter weight.

✅Figure 8 Straps are easy to use, ensure additional support to mimic athletic taping, and can be adjusted while wearing a shoe.

✅Cuff closure enhances support and doubles as a securing mechanism for the laces.

✅The breathable tongue allows heat to escape the brace.

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This support is used daily by professional, collegiate, and youth athletes all over the world.  While it was originally intended to mimic the taping you see on many collegiate and professional athletes, it offers much more.  Studies have shown it is up to 25% more supportive than taping and does not being to come loose nearly as quick as taping does.  In addition, the product can easily be tightened by simply pulling on the two straps on each side of your ankle.  You do not even need to remove your shoe!  This products is a top choice of not only athletes, but the medical community in general.  

The attention to detail in this product will be immediately noticed.  A few examples are:

✅The product is constructed with a medical grade ballistic vs the retail grade nylon you will find in many other ankle supports.

✅The medical grade Velcro used is up to ten times stronger than retail Velcro.  This ensures it will continue to adhere far longer than many other manufacturers.

✅Fits easily into most shoes.

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