Medical Grade Figure-8 Laced Ankle Support
April 1, 2019

Medical Grade Air Cam Walker Ankle & Foot Stabilizer Boot


✅Orthopedic Walking Boot for the treatment of ankle and foot sprains, stable fractures , and other injuries of the ankle & foot as prescribed by your physician.

✅Constructed with Medical Grade materials for durability and lighter weight.

✅Inflatable air system helps customize the boot to the shape of your foot and ankle. Air bladder helps to reduce the swelling and break the pain cycle by producing a massage like effect.

✅Push button air release valve provides a fast and easy way to release the air in the boot to assist in desired compression.

✅Designed with an advanced beveled edged sole to promote natural walking patterns. Shock absorption feature inside base of product helps to minimize pain while walking.

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The High Top (tall) Air Walking Boot from, created to immobilize your foot and ankle while allowing you to be mobile, was designed using decades of experience in the orthopedic industry designing products and working with Orthopedic Surgeons as well as thousands of conversations with patients.  All design features are for proper healing and for patient comfort and ease of use.  The product is made with medical grade materials, which are up to ten times stronger than retail grade, making it one of the strongest and lightest weight walking boots available today.  

The attention to detail in this product will be immediately noticed.  A few examples are:

✅The product is constructed with a medical grade polymer material vs the plastic many boots are made with.  This provides a stronger and lighter product.  

✅The medical grade Velcro used is up to ten times stronger than retail Velcro.  This ensures it will continue to stick long past the duration you will need this boot.

✅The air bladder is larger than you will find in many other boots.  This provides more customization and helps reduce swelling and pain over a larger area of your ankle and foot.

✅The air release valve has been upgraded to a push button vs. a dial knob for both ease of use and product durability.

✅The rounded heel is designed to be as low to the ground as possible while still allowing you to walk with a natural gait.  

While there are many other details that have went in to the design and manufacturing of this product, we are confident it will exceed your expectations vs. other walking boots available today.

When to use a High Top (Tall) Walking Boot vs a Low Top (Short) Walking Boot

High Top= Anyone above 6 feet tall, a high ankle sprain, a tibia or fibula fracture, or otherwise prescribed by your physician.

Low Top= All other indications not listed above.

Examples of Use:

  • Ankle Sprains
  • Foot Sprains
  • Soft Tissue injuries
  • Stable Fractures
  • Post-Op use
  • Other indications as prescribed by your physician
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