Plantar Adjustable Night Splint
April 1, 2019
Dorsal Night Splint
April 1, 2019

Dorsal Adjustable Night Splint


✅The Dorsal Adjustable Night Splint is designed to wear while sleeping for the indications of Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, and any other injuries where keep your foot at a 90 degree angle, or less, is necessary.

✅All the comfort of a Dorsal Night Splint with the benefits of a Plantar Night Splint

✅Constructed with Medical Grade materials for durability and lighter weight

✅Shell Design with articulating hinge allows for superior functionality with full range of motion

✅Easy to use adjustable tension strap 

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The Dorsal Night Splint from, created to keep your foot fixed at a 10 to 90 degree angle while sleeping to allow the tendons to heal properly, was designed using decades of experience in the orthopedic industry designing products and working with Orthopedic Surgeons as well as thousands of conversations with patients.  All design features are for proper healing and for patient comfort and ease of use.  The product is made with medical grade materials, which are up to ten times stronger than retail grade, making it one of the strongest and lightest weight night splints available today.  

The attention to detail in this product will be immediately noticed.  A few examples are:

✅The medical grade hook and loop used is up to ten times stronger than retail products.  This ensures it will continue to stick long past the duration you will need this product

✅The brushed fabric used is not only durable, but designed with patient comfort in mind

✅The polymer shell is more durable than many plastic models being sold today

✅The stitching used brushed nylon to ensure it is comfortable against the skin

✅Easy to use adjustable tension strap allowing you to take a standard 90 degree Night Splint and adjust it to the desired stretch needed to ensure the best and quickest healing.

While there are many other details that have went in to the design and manufacturing of this product, we are confident it will exceed your expectations vs. other Night Splints.

Please keep in mind, if compared to wearing no product while sleeping, all styles of Night Splints might seem uncomfortable at first.  This product is the lowest profile and most comfortable Night Splint designed to keep your foot at a fixed 90 degree angle available today.  Keeping your foot at a fixed angle is essential in the healing of many injuries, particularly Plantar Fasciitis.  Please be patient and give yourself time to not only get used to it, but to heel as it is can be a long and slow process.   

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