Who We Are

Our name is self explanatory about what we offer, but it may not quite illustrate who we are. BracesAndSupports.com is a vibrant young company filled to the brim with experienced professionals with a desire to give everyone access to the highest quality medical-grade braces and supports available.

We may be young, but we have over a half-century of collective experience behind product design, manufacturing, and customer service in the durable medical equipment business. Thats right! We know what we are doing, and we love to do it. In fact we are so good at it, that we can offer the finest products available on the planet, for less than you’d pay in cash for a lower quality version at a doctor’s office. Read our promise for more details on that.

Yet, when dealing with injuries, just offering the highest quality products and the lowest prices still isn’t enough. That’s why we are here to answer any questions you may have about getting the right product with the right fit so we can get it to you fast!

What We Offer

Again, our name tends to say a lot. At BracesAndSupports.com, we offer a full line of medical-grade braces and supports. Most of these products are the same items you may have purchased from “brand name corporations” however; you can now purchase them without additional layers of cost. These layers that add to the cost can include:

  • Hospital or doctor’s office insurance reimbursement processing (a huge expense for them).
  • Excessive packaging.
  • Marketing budgets.
  • Large infrastructure.
  • Middle-man price markups (manufacturer, to distributor, to medical office, to insurance price hikes).

Simply put, we cut all that out. We manufacture our products ourselves and sell directly to you. We know the phrase “factory direct” is over-used and under delivered, but that is exactly what we do. This gives us the ability to offer the highest product quality and the absolutely lowest prices possible. Since we don’t have to worry about an over-bloated multi-layer chain of middlemen to manage, you don’t have to either! We can focus our energy and time on superior product design, and customer service that exceeds reasonable expectation.