We are here to make sure you get the finest braces and supports available on the planet, and pay up to 30% less than what your “discounted cash price” would be at a doctor’s office. That cash discount is just what their normal price would be for you anyway. It isn’t really a discount. You are just saving them lots of extra administrative work they would have to do to get paid by your insurance carrier. The product is still marked up quite a bit. In fact sometimes with up to three middlemen before it even gets to you! The factory, a distributor, a dealer, and the doctor intend to make a profit off of the same product before it makes its way to you.

Well, with decades upon decades of combined experience in product design, manufacturing, listening to patients, and improving on what is already out there, we decided there was a better way to get you the best braces and supports you need, when you need them, at a price that nobody else can compete with. Sound good? We thought so. Welcome to BracesAndSupports.com!